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  1. This episode introduces Torchwood, but quickly reveals the "real" villain to be not only the Cybermen but also the Daleks, resulting in an excellent Cyberman/Dalek smacktalk session. What did you think of the world-in-peril plotline in this episode? What about the idea of the Cybermen bursting through? The return of the Daleks? The concept of Torchwood in general?

  2. It also means the return of Mickey, and also altPete. How do you think Mickey has changed since we last saw him? And what did you think of Pete and the Pete/Jackie reunion? Was it sweet or a little bit weird, given that they're not really, honestly each other's spouse?

  3. How hilarious is it to imagine Ianto and partially-converted Lisa somewhere in the building?

  4. This is Rose's last episode as a full-time companion. How do you think she's changed since we met her back in "Rose"? What about her development over the course of series 2? Jackie says Rose has even started to talk like the Doctor, and warns that if she carries on, one day she "won't even be human anymore". Do you agree or disagree with this sentiment? Do you think Jackie has a point, or is she overreacting to her daughter growing up?

  5. And since it's Rose's last episode, this also marks the end of the Doctor and Rose, at least on the TARDIS together. What do you think their relationship was, in the end? A bona fide couple, close friends, something in between? What did you think of their separation? Tragic, or was it about time? What about the beach scene? Good closure, or not even close?
26 September 2012 @ 12:49 am

1. How does this episode tie into Rose's larger character arc this series? (Compare and contrast this episode with "The Christmas Invasion" in a five paragraph essay and include a works cited page.)

2. Yay Olympics! How did this fictional 2012 Olympics compare to the real one? What do you think of the idea of using a specific near future event as a setting for a Doctor Who episode?

3. What do you make of Rose and the Doctor's relationship at this point? Does the Doctor really need a hand to hold?
24 September 2012 @ 01:54 am

1. What do you think of Elton as a character? What about the idea of seeing the Doctor through the eyes of someone whose life the Doctor had briefly touched and change before running off again?

2. How do you feel about LINDA? Annoying? Weird? Endearing? What do you think of LINDA as a representation of fandom? I mean, they bond over the Doctor and write songs and produce art etc etc.

3. What about Jackie? Jackie is another person on the outside who is left behind by the Doctor and this episode spends some time with her. Did this episode alter how you view or feel about Jackie?

4. How GREAT was Rose's hair in the opening scene in the episode? (LOL I just really like the way her hair looks in that scene and she never wears it that way again!)

Wow. I've been really distracted by various things lately and have fallen behind. So to play catch up, the post for Fear Her will go up on Tuesday and then the post for Army of Ghosts/Doomsday will go up Thursday and then we'll be back on schedule.

1. What does the Doctor mean when he says "I believe in her"? Does Rose have that same belief in the Doctor? Is their faith well founded?

2. What do you make of the mortgage conversation? How serious is Rose? How much of it is making the Doctor feel better? How well do you think the Doctor and Rose would have fared if they hadn't found the Tardis again?

3. Where does this story fit in with Rose's larger series 2 arc? Does Rose taking charge on the space base fit with her arc or does it seem like a sudden leap?

4. What do you think of the Beast as the villain in this episode? Creepy? Too over the top? Too on the nose with the religious imagery and the theme of belief? What about the Ood? Scary or silly?

5. What did you think of the secondary characters? Likable? Well written? Pointless? Did any of them stick out to you?

Sorry about the lateness! I kind of spent the weekend in a Downton Abbey spiral.
13 September 2012 @ 12:19 am
Another thought-provoking episode!

  1. How comically lame is the plot in this episode?

  2. Ten's hair: awesome or hideous?

  3. Have you ever tried to wrap your hand around your elbow and make your fingers meet?

  4. On a slightly more serious note: what did you think about Tommy and his family? Do you think Rose was right to intervene in the end and encourage Tommy to go after his father?

  5. This episode marks the last little stretch of s2, where the Doctor and Rose travel alone and Mickey is finally, officially out of the picture. How do you feel their relationship has developed to this point? What did you think of their dynamic in this episode?

1. So this is the end of Mickey's journey on the Tardis. Looking back, what do you think of his character arc? How does this story fit into that arc? How does he fit into the Doctor/Rose dynamic?

2. What do you think of Rose's actions in this episode? Was she being reckless or were her actions understandable? What would you do if you found yourself in an Alternate Universe? Would you try to track down people you knew? Or is that a BAD idea?

3. This story seems to be an effort to reimagine the Classic Who Cybermen. In this universe the Cybermen were created by Lumig, a sickly genius, in an attempt to prolong his own life. Do you think that this makes the Cybermen more interesting that just killer robots trying to convert people?

4. Personally, I love it when the show has good secondary one-off characters. What did you think of the Preachers (both in terms of individual characters and in terms of being a symbol of resistance)?

5. This is the first time we see Ten in a tux. Great costume or greatest costume?
05 September 2012 @ 08:54 pm
Whoops! Apologies for the late post. So, onwards with Girl in the Fireplace.

  1. Obligatory plot question: what did you think? Did you like the 'magic door' idea of a spaceship with a bunch of windows to various points in history, and the contrast between the broken-down spaceship and the very ornate palace of Versailles? Did you like the clockwork robots as villains, did you find them scary? What about their desire for human "parts"? Did you like the reveal at the end that the ship had been named after Reinette?

  2. Which brings us to Reinette, now the third historical figure we've seen. Did you like her? Was she a fair portrayal of a real person? Reinette also kickstarts something that'll recur later with Amy Pond, as the Doctor meets her first as a little girl and shortly after as an adult. Did you like that? Have your feelings on that changed at all now that we've seen the idea recur later on in the show?

  3. The big emotional centerpiece of this episode is of course the doomed relationship between the Doctor and Reinette. Did you find their romance compelling? Believable? Sad? Rushed?

  4. Mickey and Rose take a bit of a back seat in this episode, but it's the first time we see Mickey on the TARDIS. How do you think he did? Did you like having him around? Do you think it influenced the group dynamics in this episode? What about Rose? Did you like her role? What about her discussion with Reinette?
02 September 2012 @ 05:27 pm
When we restarted this comm most people voted for us to have discussion posts for new episodes as they aired. Since we do rewatch posts on Saturday, we figure we'll do the discussion posts for the new episodes on Sunday, after you've hopefully had a bit of time to digest.

Spoilers, obviously! Discussion under the cut.Collapse )
01 September 2012 @ 09:12 pm

1. In this episode Rose is forced to confront both her past (going undercover as a dinner lady) and her future (meeting Sarah Jane). How does this impact her actions and behavior in this episode? What do you think it means about her larger character arc and larger themes in this episode?

2. Sarah Jane and Rose start off fighting. What fuels this fight? What is Sarah Jane's journey in this episode? What did you think of the show bringing back a companion from Classic Who?

3. Mickey finally gets to join Team Tardis? Good idea or terrible idea? Do you find it believable that he'd decided he wanted to join up now? What do you make of his current relationship with Rose?

4. The Krillotane are trying to unlock the code of the universe (or whatever that plot point is). Why is the Doctor tempted by this idea? Do you think this moment ties into other character moments for the Doctor?

(sorry for the substandard quality of questions today. College football broke my brain. lol. Also I think we're still planning on putting up a discussion post for new episodes so that will be going up in a day or so.)