Kali (_thirty2flavors) wrote in dwrewatch,

rewatch feedback!

Hello, everyone who still happens to be watching this comm! It's been a while!

Recently fauxkaren and I have been talking about possibly resuscitating this comm sometime soon. Before we start going around promoting, though, I figured it might be a good idea to get some feedback from the people who were around last time, if any of you care to oblige.

As a refresher, mods made a general discussion post for each episode with discussion topics, and members were welcome to post their own thoughts in separate posts to the comms if they chose. We also did a poll at the end of each season where people voted for their favourite episode, and had a cage-match poll at the end of the rewatch.

So let me know! Is there something you'd like done differently if we were to revive this community? Was there a particular format you really liked? How was the watching schedule? Is there something else you think we could've been doing that would've been better?

Also, since this rewatch would run into the actual airing of series 7: would people be interested in general discussion posts for those episodes as they are as well?
Tags: announcement, introduction, mod
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