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2x03 "School Reunion" Discussion Post

1. In this episode Rose is forced to confront both her past (going undercover as a dinner lady) and her future (meeting Sarah Jane). How does this impact her actions and behavior in this episode? What do you think it means about her larger character arc and larger themes in this episode?

2. Sarah Jane and Rose start off fighting. What fuels this fight? What is Sarah Jane's journey in this episode? What did you think of the show bringing back a companion from Classic Who?

3. Mickey finally gets to join Team Tardis? Good idea or terrible idea? Do you find it believable that he'd decided he wanted to join up now? What do you make of his current relationship with Rose?

4. The Krillotane are trying to unlock the code of the universe (or whatever that plot point is). Why is the Doctor tempted by this idea? Do you think this moment ties into other character moments for the Doctor?

(sorry for the substandard quality of questions today. College football broke my brain. lol. Also I think we're still planning on putting up a discussion post for new episodes so that will be going up in a day or so.)
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