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2x04 "The Girl in the Fireplace" discussion post

Whoops! Apologies for the late post. So, onwards with Girl in the Fireplace.

  1. Obligatory plot question: what did you think? Did you like the 'magic door' idea of a spaceship with a bunch of windows to various points in history, and the contrast between the broken-down spaceship and the very ornate palace of Versailles? Did you like the clockwork robots as villains, did you find them scary? What about their desire for human "parts"? Did you like the reveal at the end that the ship had been named after Reinette?

  2. Which brings us to Reinette, now the third historical figure we've seen. Did you like her? Was she a fair portrayal of a real person? Reinette also kickstarts something that'll recur later with Amy Pond, as the Doctor meets her first as a little girl and shortly after as an adult. Did you like that? Have your feelings on that changed at all now that we've seen the idea recur later on in the show?

  3. The big emotional centerpiece of this episode is of course the doomed relationship between the Doctor and Reinette. Did you find their romance compelling? Believable? Sad? Rushed?

  4. Mickey and Rose take a bit of a back seat in this episode, but it's the first time we see Mickey on the TARDIS. How do you think he did? Did you like having him around? Do you think it influenced the group dynamics in this episode? What about Rose? Did you like her role? What about her discussion with Reinette?
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