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2x05 "Rise of the Cybermen" and 2x06 "The Age of Steel"

1. So this is the end of Mickey's journey on the Tardis. Looking back, what do you think of his character arc? How does this story fit into that arc? How does he fit into the Doctor/Rose dynamic?

2. What do you think of Rose's actions in this episode? Was she being reckless or were her actions understandable? What would you do if you found yourself in an Alternate Universe? Would you try to track down people you knew? Or is that a BAD idea?

3. This story seems to be an effort to reimagine the Classic Who Cybermen. In this universe the Cybermen were created by Lumig, a sickly genius, in an attempt to prolong his own life. Do you think that this makes the Cybermen more interesting that just killer robots trying to convert people?

4. Personally, I love it when the show has good secondary one-off characters. What did you think of the Preachers (both in terms of individual characters and in terms of being a symbol of resistance)?

5. This is the first time we see Ten in a tux. Great costume or greatest costume?
Tags: 2x05 rise of the cybermen, 2x06 the age of steel
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