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2x10 "Love & Monsters"

1. What do you think of Elton as a character? What about the idea of seeing the Doctor through the eyes of someone whose life the Doctor had briefly touched and change before running off again?

2. How do you feel about LINDA? Annoying? Weird? Endearing? What do you think of LINDA as a representation of fandom? I mean, they bond over the Doctor and write songs and produce art etc etc.

3. What about Jackie? Jackie is another person on the outside who is left behind by the Doctor and this episode spends some time with her. Did this episode alter how you view or feel about Jackie?

4. How GREAT was Rose's hair in the opening scene in the episode? (LOL I just really like the way her hair looks in that scene and she never wears it that way again!)

Wow. I've been really distracted by various things lately and have fallen behind. So to play catch up, the post for Fear Her will go up on Tuesday and then the post for Army of Ghosts/Doomsday will go up Thursday and then we'll be back on schedule.
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