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2x12 Army of Ghosts & 2x13 Doomsday discussion post

  1. This episode introduces Torchwood, but quickly reveals the "real" villain to be not only the Cybermen but also the Daleks, resulting in an excellent Cyberman/Dalek smacktalk session. What did you think of the world-in-peril plotline in this episode? What about the idea of the Cybermen bursting through? The return of the Daleks? The concept of Torchwood in general?

  2. It also means the return of Mickey, and also altPete. How do you think Mickey has changed since we last saw him? And what did you think of Pete and the Pete/Jackie reunion? Was it sweet or a little bit weird, given that they're not really, honestly each other's spouse?

  3. How hilarious is it to imagine Ianto and partially-converted Lisa somewhere in the building?

  4. This is Rose's last episode as a full-time companion. How do you think she's changed since we met her back in "Rose"? What about her development over the course of series 2? Jackie says Rose has even started to talk like the Doctor, and warns that if she carries on, one day she "won't even be human anymore". Do you agree or disagree with this sentiment? Do you think Jackie has a point, or is she overreacting to her daughter growing up?

  5. And since it's Rose's last episode, this also marks the end of the Doctor and Rose, at least on the TARDIS together. What do you think their relationship was, in the end? A bona fide couple, close friends, something in between? What did you think of their separation? Tragic, or was it about time? What about the beach scene? Good closure, or not even close?
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