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7x01 Asylum of the Daleks discussion post

When we restarted this comm most people voted for us to have discussion posts for new episodes as they aired. Since we do rewatch posts on Saturday, we figure we'll do the discussion posts for the new episodes on Sunday, after you've hopefully had a bit of time to digest.

  1. First up: we open this episode on Skaro, of all places, and then of course meet a whole host of Daleks. Lots and lots of Daleks. Democratically elected Daleks! Special weapons Daleks! Insane Daleks! Dalek people! We also learn that the Daleks hesitate to kill their insane brethren because their hatred is "beautiful". So the question is -- what did you think of the Daleks in this episode? Did you like the new "human" Daleks, like Darla? Did you like seeing Skaro, or did it bother your sense of continuity? Did you like the way Daleks were used in this episode, or did it feel like a cheap way to grab headlines?

  2. Second: the Ponds! We open this episode seeing Amy and Rory signing divorce papers, and indeed they spend most of the episode quite tetchy with each other. Later we learn that Amy had kicked Rory out of the house upon learning she's barren and knowing that Rory has always wanted children. What did you think of this emotional plotline? Did you think it was a reasonable response for the characters? It's been described by some as "the emotional fall-out from series 6 finally arriving" -- do you agree or disagree? What about their reconciliation? Did you think it felt natural, or forced to make a happy ending?

  3. We also finally get confirmation on at least part of Amy's career post-Doctor: she's a model. Do you think this suits Amy?

  4. The episode ends with the Daleks having forgotten everything they knew about their "predator", the Doctor, and then chanting "DOCTOR WHO?" in case you forgot what show you were watching. Is this a good way to put a new spin of the Daleks, or an embarrassment to 50 years of canon?

  5. Okay okay, probably the biggest thing for most people: the unexpected first appearance of our new companion, Jenna Louise Coleman, as Oswin. What was your first impression of her? Were you surprised to see her, and if so, was it a good surprise or a bad surprise? What about Oswin herself, did you like the character? Did the reveal at the end surprise you or was it obvious? Did you feel for her? Are you intrigued to see how she comes back and/or how she's related to the companion JLC will play in the future, or are you just a bit irritated by another mystery overshadowing one of the final Pond episodes? Do you have a favourite theory?
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