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7x02 Dinosaurs on a Spaceship discussion post

Sorry this post is late! You can probably guess how scintillating the mods found this episode.

  1. This episode introduces three new characters as part of the Doctor's "gang": Queen Nefertiti, John Riddell, and Brian Williams. What did you think of the new characters? Did you like having them along for the ride? Did you think it made for interesting group dynamics, or did they feel like they were taking u space? Do you like the idea of the Doctor specifically going to gather a "gang"?

  2. We also learn that for the Ponds it's been 10 months since they last saw the Doctor, and it's said that their "agreement" is basically that he'll drop in whenever he likes and pick them up. Do you like this arrangement? Does it feel natural to you? Do you think we're meant to believe this episode follows AOTD for them, or some other non-specific adventures, since Rory (and presumably Amy) is now 31?

  3. Rory's dad Brian is the first Pond parent we've really met for any length of time. Did you like the relationship we saw between Rory and his dad? Do you think it added anything to Rory as a character or to the Ponds as characters? Did you like Brian's newfound love of travelling? Where the hell was Brian during Amy and Rory's wedding reception/entire life that he doesn't know who the Doctor is or where they've been?

  4. Amy winds up off on her own with her own "companions". Did you like their half of the story? How did you think Amy did as a pseuo Doctor figure? Did you like her "flirting companions"? We also learn that she's having a hard time keeping a job because she "can't settle" and "can't not wait" for the Doctor. Did you like that discussion? What do you think it means for Amy's upcoming departure?

  5. The plot in this one is a bit convoluted, but what did you think? Worth the huge SFX budget? What about the plotline with Filch Solomon, capturing and trading "rare" items? Why do you think his thingy didn't recognize the Doctor (or the TARDIS) as valuable? What did you think about the bit with Nefertiti and her choice to sacrifice herself for the others?

  6. Probably the most hot-button topic -- the Doctor lets Solomon be blown up with his ship, ignoring Solomon's pleas for mercy. Did you like this ending or was it too callous for your taste? Was it in character behaviour for the Doctor? Part of a ~descent~ for the Doctor or just a terrible person getting comeuppance?
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